The Wine

The Vineyard

Five years ago the first vineyard was planted in Hemdatiya. It consists of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes and is produced in the family’s winery. The vineyard was planted over the remains of “Hachura” an ancient agricultural plot from the beginning of the last century which was established on the remains of an ancient Jewish settlement from the time of the Mishna and the Talmud. The excellent climate in the Lower Galilee constitutes an excellent foundation for the large wine industry that existed here historically, as is testified by the many wine presses scattered throughout the Lower Galilee.
The vineyard is cultivated using organic methods which are beneficial to the soil which is uncontaminated by chemical spraying and pesticides. The grapes are picked by hand gently thereby preserving the completeness of the clusters, while paying strict attention to each vine and each grape.
In the center of the vineyard is a beautiful shelter covered in bean plants and passion flowers and in its heart a step wine press; yes....just as in the old days but here and now...the family members, friends and guests are invited to take part in the grape harvest celebrations, to wash their feet well, to stamp on the grapes and to sing, to produce grape juice and wine from the excellent grapes of the vineyard. This is an extraordinary experience. Just ask anyone who has already participated.

The Winery

For many years our ancestors were involved in the production of wine and we are continuing the family tradition. The wine production is based on two varieties planted in the vineyard: Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Part of the production includes grapes which grow on the Carmel, the Golan and the Upper Galilee. In each area the grapes have their own unique taste. Each stage of the wine production necessitates attention and adherence to the smallest details.
Just as everything else we do the production of wine is carried out with a lot of love.

The Segera Vine

When we arrived in Segera we encountered two varieties of vines which grow similar to wild vines, without water and without cultivation, strong and durable against the many pests and the relatively dry climate conditions of the Lower and East Galilee. It became clear that these vines, which have edible grapes, add beauty, charm and shade everywhere they grow. One vine which has large, green, very sweet fruit ripens early and the second has small black sweetish fruit that ripen late. The diversity of the local vine varieties in Hemdatiya enables enjoyment of a variety of grapes through a long and continuous season.

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